Memorize Lines Fast With These Top iPhone Script Memorizing Apps

Actors, listen up. If you own an iPhone or an iPad and memorizing lines is always trouble, you owe it to yourself to check out these apps below. 

How to memorize lines (as mentioned in the article here by the same name) is one of the toughest jobs of being an actor. This goes for professionals to amateurs. The pain is the same. It takes dedication, consistency, and lots of repetition to memorize lines fast. Whatever tools you can find to help you are well worth your time – and, in the case of iOS apps – the few dollars they will cost.

Here’s a collection of five of the top iPhone script memorizing apps currently available. They’ll definitely help you memorize lines fast. Each has its strengths, and they range from free (with in app purchases) to $19.99. More than half are less than $3, so take a look. They can save you a lot of sanity and get you off-book in no time.

Script Reader Pro ($2.99)

Scene Study $1.99

Rehearsal 2 ($19.99)

My Lines ($9.99)

Scene Partner (Free, with In App Purchases)

Remember also to read the article here on how to memorize lines. It will give you excellent tips on how to go about it with yourself and  even your entire cast!