How To Remember The Planets

Memorizing the planets is one of the first memorizing goals faced in our lives. It’s easy to do by creating something called an acrostic. Acrostics are simply sentences where the first letter of each word clues you into what you are trying to remember. So for the planets, create a sentence that uses the first letter of each planet name and then memorize the simple sentence.

REMEMBER: Pluto is no longer designated as a planet (it’s now a dwarf planet), so don’t add it to your acrostic.


So your sentence could be a widely used one like:

MVery Excellent Mother Just Served UNachos

Or you can make something up that is personal to you:

My Valuable Earth May Just Save Us Now

In both cases, you’ve now got that simple sentence to memorize that cues you in to the order of the planets. Acrostics are a big help for remembering any type of list, so try it out for other things, beyond the planets, too.