Memorizing is an under-appreciated skill

help me memorize_homeWhether you are an actor, presenter or student, one of the common ties – one of the keys to success – is the ability to memorize and sometimes to memorize fast. It can be dozens of pages of scripts, a speech, or coursework. No matter what, memorizing – or owning your material – is key.

And, yet, how to memorize is often glossed over as a critical step. You often hear “And then you memorize it” or “Just get it into your memory.” Easier said than done.

But here you’ll find many  techniques to help you. There are some excellent gems that can help you remember all of the material you need.

Next step: Start with this overview of memorization techniques.

Are you a student? Take a look at how to study effectively or how to memorize fast.

Actors: Learn how to remember your lines more effectively.

Presenters take a look at some excellent tips to remember your next speech.